Monday, 21 April 2008

Late Night Shift

Finally I'm finished for today or better tonight. I've been busy editing the artists sections of the springfestival homepage. I'm checking every single link on the page and trying to give the page a unified format. That is not as easy as it sounds! The feedback of the artists regarding the info we’ve requested from them is as different as the many different individuals sending them back.

As every year also this year we have a unique design for the festival. The cooperate identity can be found and compared on the homepage with the versions from the previous years. This year we have a black and white cow. She appears not only on the website – she will also show herself on the flyers, booklets and merchandising articles. The theme last year was also very amusing for us – instead of the cow we used our senior security guys. The three of them appeared in their favourite leather jackets they are known for. For the audience it was very surprising to see the guys from the flyers in real life on the door.

Now it’s just one more month to go and there is a lot of preparation work to do – and of course also some promotion events. I’ll report a bit later how they have been – probably as successful as the events in London and Ljubljana earlier this month.