Friday, 24 October 2008

First Travel Anouncement: Africa

It's amazing! Still months ahead and I have an almost clear picture about my upcoming travels next year. Here is a brief overview:

1) November 14th: Final day in the office
2) Mid November - End of December: Snowboarding and moving out of the apartment
3) January - March: Africa
4) Asia
5) North / South America


I'll plan to travel with my dear friends (Edith and Walter) to Africa. Beginning in Austria over Turkey, Syria, Egypt, East coast, Crossing from east to west and finally arriving in Cape Town. We plan to travel on low budget using mainly trains, buses camels and everything else that brings us to the final destination.

The travel is roughly planned for 80 days. The route from north to south as well. On travel we can adapt the route to the individual needs. Split, meet together, get lost and so on... There is also a nice location for swimming with a view that I want to try out. I'm very curious if it is dangerous or not ;)

Check out the link: Devil's Swimming Pool

Now I'm trying to brush up my skills in digital photography to cover the travel. I'm not sure if I will use Picasa (because I run out of space). There are also some other nice galleries on the web that I want to check out. As soon as I have one I'll start my "Around The World Photo Gallery"

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

New Travel Companion

This is a image of my new travel companion. Years ago, when I was covering music events, I had the analogue Nikon F90X - Now in the digital age I continue with the D90. In the coming months I will take some nice pictures from all over the world. As already mentioned there is a lot to be prepared. I have a bit more then a month to get everything organised. Today I had a general health check-up and everything was fine. The heart is strong and everything seems to be in good condition too. Just need the results of my blood samples and a maybe a tetanus fresh-up. Next week I have an appointment at the dentist to check my teeth. It's awful to suffer toothache - especially on travel.

I also need to prepare a small first-aid kit. Sometimes I tend to risk a bit too much and this results in minor injuries from time to time. Just like a little bicycle accident yesterday. But no problem - I'm expert in falling down and getting up again :)

Tomorrow I'll be at a concert in Graz. Is a pre-event of "styrian stylez" - A festival of local bands and DJ's. It's the first of its kind in Styria and I'm very curious if it will be as successful as the springfestival. Another fine event is the presentation of the new Absinthe snowboard movie "Ready". After the movie, Texta, a hip hop act from Austria, will be on stage. So there is plenty to do tomorrow.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Changes - The Begin Of A New Era

Finally - There is a big change! Last week I had with a friend a nice talk about my job and the expectations I have. It turned out, how surprisingly, that I'm not fully satisfied with my job and lack of motivation. At the end of the conversation I've decided to head on and go for a new challenge in my life. After thinking this decision over at the weekend I've today announced that I will quit my job. Having a talent for plan b I will not be bored. In the next days and weeks I'll start planning what to do in future. Most probably that will be a mixture of travelling, adventure, sport, extreme silly things and another plan b.

I definitely look forward to visit all friends I couldn't visit the last few years. Life is short and it's a pity to give only money priority. I'll update this blog now at least on a weekly basis to keep everyone informed about the latest progress - and there will be a lot to do.

First I have to know when I have my final day at work. I'll expect to work until my contract is terminated by law - that could be at the end of October. In-between I have the joy to plan what to do with my stuff and the apartment. Personal planning is not one of my good skills - Usually I'm lazy to think about personal changes but then do them quickly. For now I'll relax and wait for the upcoming adventures.