Thursday, 24 September 2009

Surfing Bali

Now I feel very comfortable in Bali. I am organised and have also my surfboard ready to ride. After some problems with transport (delay and damaged) everything is ok. Yesterday I had my first surf session at Brava beach. The swell now is very low and the waves too! Good starting point for me!

Today I plan to go with Chris to a spot called "Old Man" We'll drive there with our scooters. Its close to the spot "Canggu" where I made the title photo of this post. The weather is also getting better and better. The first days have been quite rainy and wet. It's a big difference between the dry season and the rest of the year. I prefer the dry season over the wet season because I never have to think about what to do when it rains.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

First Days In Bali

I am now in Bali and I have already many interesting experiences to write about. First at all I am very pleased and happy for the very nice welcome of Susi, Moritz, Chris and all others. I live now in a nice apartment close to the surf camp where I have been at my previous stays. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to go surfing because my surfboard wasn't on the plane with me. It couldn't be traced on Monday when I arrived but on Tuesday it was delivered severely damaged. Now it is being repaired and I can get it tomorrow evening. Wednesday will be the first day of action for me.

Speaking about action. My first tasks on Bali where organizing: Tracing the surfboard, renting a scooter, buying an Indo telephone card... Today I went with Susi and Maria to the beach to see them surfing. After watching I went swimming and developed a new master plan. I could claim 218€ from the travel insurance when I present enough receipts. It took me half a day of hard work to buy enough things for 218€. I had to go to many different stores to find nice stuff for me.

The weather is at the moment not so nice. It rains several times a day and it is rather cold. The ocean also gets dirtier because of more rainfall. Tomorrow I want to check how to get to the surf spots and take a few pictures - I will provided next time some nice pictures

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Next Stop: Bangkok - Bali

I'm just back from our first event after the summer break: FM4 Unlimited with DJ Functionist & DJ Beware. It was a great event and I was happy to meet so many nice friends there. Now I'm back to write my final blog entry and have about three hours to sleep before I go to the airport.

My first stop will be in Munich where I eat my final "Weisswurst" with Beer before I will enjoy Asian cuisine for the next months. I will have a short stopover in Bangkok before I reach my final destination Bali. After a long absence from surfing I will spend the next weeks at this perfect place. I hope my surfboard will arrive in one piece. It had some cracks from the last transport. It will anyway be a challenge to travel with heavy gear: Big suitcase, surfboard and camera equipment.

It would be a pleasure for me to hook up with fellow travellers and friends. Soon I will post here my full itinerary and would be happy if someone is in the mood to join me.