Sunday, 18 September 2011

Back To Austria

The USA is history again - I'm preparing to leave the country and head on to good old Europe. It has been a great time here. Many insights, adventures and a lot of good time.

The trip initially began with a road trip through New England, starting from Boston, travelling up to the north on the west side and coming down at the coast at the east side. Clemens and I had a great time driving around, getting lost and detoured but we always had a great time. I personally wouldn't want to live in New England except of Boston. It looks like Austria but is much more conservative and I have no use for the many churches and "correct" citizens.

The time in Boston was great too. A lot of insights how the academic field is organised and how start-up companies work. It's a lot hustle and bustle and at the end I think the main difference is the self confidence of the people here that make crazy ideas work. Just do it!!

Now at the end of the trip and a great time on the sun deck I'm happy to return to Austria to move-on again for the next challenges and adventures....

Friday, 16 September 2011


We are now at an interesting company that finds solutions for various problems.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


We are now just in class in Harvard and working on a case with prof. Karim Lakhani.

Red Sox

The last few days have been very busy. We are moving from company to company, university to university. The WU Wien has arranged a very interesting schedule keeping us busy during the day.

Luckily the evenings are free. Still the evenings are also full of action because we use our valuable time wisely to the full extent. Going out together, having fun and long discussions are great fun. Yesterday I even have been at my first baseball game: Boston Red Sox against Toronto Blue Jays. We had an interesting starting point: We had two free tickes but still we've needed two additional tickets for the four of us. Against all odds we have even got tickets at the official ticket counter for 55 Dollars. The view was quite decent for the price and we had full 3 hours of interesting action. Of course I had no clue what's going on but Hannes was so kind to explain me the game in full detail. There was a lot of action going on - most of the time from the spectators getting food and drinks. The game was rather static but still quite busy. At the end Boston won 18:06 - Poor Canadians ;)

Now we are in the final phase of the Boston experience and on Sunday I will have to go back to Europe. It's a bit sad but still I am also happy to return back for several great reasons. Tomorrow we have Harvard on the list and I need still to do some good shots of the city.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Museum Of Science

This is my first post with the new google iPhone app. I am at a demonstration at the electrical lab at the exclusive second floor. It's an average demonstration bur great fun for the guys here.

Boston: Field Trip

Again time seems to "fly". The MBA-module is already over and we had some interesting days talking about sources of innovation. Tomorrow, Monday, starts the field trip to universities and companies around the town.

I'm really enjoying the time with my colleagues. It's a very diverse and interesting group and great fun to see all the different characters. Christian, J├╝rgen, Hannes and Konstantin are great company and we have a lot of fun on our little house boat. Today we even have activated our BBQ and we made us some nice steaks. Boston is quite expensive when it comes to eating and drinking. I'm already glad when I'm at home to keep control on my budget ;)

Now its time for a good night rum and I have to prepare my bed. Its the sofa in the living room and I have chosen it because I'm anyway the last to get to bed and the first getting out. If its warm outside tomorrow I think about smoking again a decent cigar. To be on the water with some basics is all I need to be in perfect chill mood.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Boston: Start of the MBA program

In a few hours I have to get up and get ready for the first day of the MBA program in Boston. Surprisingly it's quite fresh now and I'm freezing a bit ;)
Today was a very turbulent day. In the morning in was raining very hard but the rain stopped around noon. That was great because I had to find out where my new home was located. I was just provided with a brief description where the houseboat should be located. Luckily I had some time to stroll around and find the place. On the search for the house boat I've ran into the the police. I was a suspect because I took pictures with a professional camera nearby a "classified" federal unit. Obviously there are enough agents around to stop innocent people like me!
Luckily I cold convince then that I wansn't dangerous and I was able to leave. I've managed to find the house boat, get some booze and do many tasks more. Now I have a few hours to relax before I have to get up and attend the next university module.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Boston: The End Of A Long Round Trip Through New England

Today We've mastered the final stretch of our journey to Boston. After a rainy wake-up and two episode of My Name Is Earl we had a relaxed start. We've chosen a ride down on Route 1 south to Boston along the coast. Even the weather was rainy and foggy all along we have seen some great laid back places.

Later on we've arrived in Boston and went shopping, had a stroll at the historic harbour and a look at MSS Constitution and finally a long visit a the museum of fine arts. On the way out of the city we've fund a wonderful Thai restaurant that really made our day.

Tomorrow we move to our new places where we stay during university and the field trip. It will be quite tricky to arrange everything an finally we have to bring our car back. Let's have a look how everything works out!

...more tk

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Back On The Coast To Boston

After the relaxing days at the Acadia National Park Clemens and I had to continue our journey back to Boston. As we had plenty of time we just wanted to get as far as we can and take some for interesting sights on the road. We've discovered a scenic bridge, an old fort and a famous harbour - Boothbay harbour.

The initial plan was to spend a second day at Boothbay harbour and go on a whale watching tour. Unfortunately the weather forecast was very bad and on the next day there it really was raining the whole day. The best thing to do was to go back on the road again and head down further south on the old classic "Route 1". Portland was the big stop on the road and the harbour city was really worth a stop. A clean, scenic city full of life and plenty of dining choices. Later on we headed to Portsmouth to have another city on the list and it was a more laid back and relaxed impression as the stop before.

At the very evening we've decided to leave the city, get something for dinner and then go further south and find a motel for the night. On the way to the motel we've found a Japanese steak house and decided to have dinner there. What we didn't know is that the chef comes to the table and cook exclusively for the guests. Show time as it best! We have survived finally the entertainment and could escape to the closest motel. Tomorrow we continue to Boston and prepare for the upcoming module in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Acadia National Park

We have arrived now at the Acadia National Park. It's labour day weekend (labour day is an important, nationwide day off) and it's high time for tourism. The national park is a big recreation area and now full of weekender's who want to spend some valuable time with their family and friends. We are staying in a cabin because its cheaper as a motel and we don't have any camping gear.

Yesterday we have been already at the sea side and enjoyed the fresh breeze. Close to the camp ground is a light house and the island has also many hiking trails we want to discover. The area is also very famous for lobster. The cages can be seen all over in the sea by their buoys. Seems I'm getting hungry now...

Saturday, 3 September 2011

From Vermont To New Hampshire

After the nice days in Stowe it was time to get on the road again. The destination in mind: Mount Washington - The highest peak in New Hampshire.

We have followed a scenery route with special historical landmarks aside - covered bridges. Vermont is well known for many preserved covered bridges. We have made some pictures of some great bridges in many different places. Hours later at the late afternoon we have arrived at the Mt. Washington national park. The entrance fee covered also a welcome package with an instruction CD how to drive a car in the mountains. It was full of advise and other stuff that sound odd if you live in a mountainous country and are used to drive a car in the mountains.
Reaching the peak was great. It's high over the surrounding valleys and other mountains and we had a great, scenic view. The road to the summit was built well over 100 years ago for tourism purposes!

After all the nature we've got hungry and we decided to go for something new: KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was a greasy and fun experience because he staff was very funny shouting with each other.

Next stop will be probably at the coast and from there down back to Boston to have a full circle through New Hampshire.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Vermont - Stowe

After all the flooded streets we wanted to reach higher and decided to hike up Mt. Greylock, the last big adventure in Massachusetts. The initial idea was to drive up the mountain and enjoy the great view. Unfortunately the park was still closed because of the hurricane and we had to hike up over 10 miles to get to the top. That was quite challenging but nice.

The next day was just driving around heading north. Sounds easy but was very difficult. We have experienced road blocks and detours all the time. We changed our destination all the time and finally arrived in Stowe - a well known ski resort. The tourist information recommended us to stay at the hotel Innsbruck - A "kind" of Austrian hotel but it has a sauna, swimming pool and other facilities.

Today on Thursday we had two exciting activities: The first one was canoeing down a river for several hours. That was great fun and the paddling wasn't too bad either. After returning back to the hotel we prepared for the next sensation - the visit of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory!  B&J's are originally from Vermont and the factory offers tours. It was also great to be there and have a few cups rich ice cream.

Tomorrow we have some new options in mind what to do. Depending on the weather we could do some mountain biking or head to Mt. Washington for the next stop. As we are very, very flexible we'll find out tomorrow what it will be.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Yesterday was a busy day. After a traditional breakfast with pancakes, jam and juice we went on the road again. The weather was great and the signs from the hurricane got less and less. Some parts have experienced a power cut and lower parts in the valleys have been flooded. But nothing to serious here. Our first destination has been the Bash Bish Falls. They are located in a stated park between New York and Massachusetts. It was 3/4 miles decent hike and a extra little hike to the top of the falls. unfortunatly we couldn't get close but still it was very relaxing there. After that we've decided to reach Pittsfield to stay there over night. It was a great drive through a scenery mountain area on a narrow road before we've reached the highway again.

We made several stops to Pittsfield and we also stopped at a picturesque farm: The windy hill farm. They grow plants and flowers and also have self picking apples and blueberries. We ate a lot and continued later our journey. Our stay in Pittsfield is a pink motel from where we soon start for a next day full of action.

Monday, 29 August 2011

From Massachutas To Cinnecticut

It was a good idea to avoid the coast and drive into the country. We started early in the morning and ended up in Canaan, CT. Driving was ok and fast because almost no cars have been on the road. We found a nice bed and breakfast to stay and soon we will enjoy a good American breakfast.

Today, Monday, the weather is now great! No wind, blue sky and sunshine. We soon will explore Berkshire and head north.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Waiting For The Storm

After the long flight we arrived tired in Boston. Immigration was as usual fun again. I have this time an official media visa but still I had to fill out a paper form with exactly the same details as on the electronic visa. The next stop was at the car rental. We've rented a car (some kind of mini SUV KIA) and headed to a little city called Worcester to be away from the storm.

Today, Sunday, we plan to drive to Berkshire after breakfast. It should be a great area to hike around and be in touch with mother nature.

...more tk!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Back To America: Boston

I'm obviously not the only one who wants to hit the USA by storm - Irene is already trying to reach Boston before I do. Irene is a hurricane originating in the Caribbean and moving along the east coast of the United States. Because tropical storms are seasonal very common scientists are specialised to track the storms and classify them. The public has also options to get good and reliable information about these extremities with the hurricane tracker!

I will report a bit on the blog when I'm there. I've my medium travel photography equipment with me so expect some nice pictures. My travel will be this time for three weeks around the greater area of Boston and Boston central. Part of the travel is reserved for an assignment and the other time will be dedicated for MBA related issues.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

As Time Goes By....

Again Vienna, again after midnight and soon I will have to be in the MBA-class again. Today is Saturday and the night of the annual Life-Ball. After a few intensive days again I have decided to go to bed early - Latest at 3:00 I want to hit the pillow!
This time I stay for the 4 days in a hostel at the Naschmarkt. Today, after the second night in the hostel, I have experienced that my key-card didn't work any more. At the reception we've found out that my old room got cleared of my stuff and I was transferred to another room. The afternoon staff didn't know this and my belongings got stored at the reception. After we've figured out the problem I got a new key card, drink vouchers and an invitation for Breakfast. Again a little unexpected adventure!

My new roommates seem to be all at the Life-ball and look pretty queer! The room is pure chaos but again a different experience. Now I'm in the lobby as can be seen on the picture of this blog and I do some final work before I watch the latest episode of south park.

Not long ago I've started with my MBA and now already half of the program is over. There is only one module left in June and then the specialisation starts in September. We'll kick off the program in Boston where I will start the final round with a decent road trip. I really look forward to this trip because it will be my only vacation of the year!

...more TK!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Long Nights In Vienna

This is a weekend full of tricky moves and other unexpected surprises. A few days before travelling to Vienna it turned out that no cheap hotel rooms are available because of a radiology congress at the same time. By a coincident my MBA colleague and dear friend Holly has also checked in to the same hostel as I did. It's the brand new Wombat hostel at the Wiener Naschmarkt. The prices are ok (weekends 20 Eur/ dorm and under the week 15 Eur/dorm). The people in my dorm turned out to be very nice - I was always the latest to come home and the earliest to leave. I've slept just enought to survive the day. At night there always was something going on and I've met many niche people at the hostel.

Right now one just has got up in the middle of the night to search for something in a bag. I'm really happy that I'm already in bed and can relax. Tomorrow we have the final day global markets and after that we'll head home to Graz. That are Holly, Matthias and I - glad to have survived and ready go get home.

At the end some proven observations again: many people prefer stinky rooms over fresh air!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Student life

It's a while ago since the last blog entry. I'm busy studying and in parallel I'm also running various projects. It's a bit after midnight so I have now time to enjoy myself and chill out.

It's now almost the end of the first semester of my MBA program in project and process management. It just recently turned out that this is the least interesting topic that I had until now in class.
Studying is very interesting. I have to be in average once per month in Vienna and I have plenty of pre- and post assignments to work on. That means that I have all the time something to do. After the next semester the "business core" part is finished. Then I just have to do one semester in project and process management before I finish with my master thesis.

Unfortunately its not so easy any more to travel. After all the work with university and projects there is almost no time left fore fun things. Fortunately I have a natural talent to identify weak spots in the system and so I will carry on with short trips until I'm finished with my MBA.

After waking up the blog again my next actions will be to feed picasa again with new images. As my stock is pretty extensive there is a lot material and I also will present some new stuff from various projects.