Sunday, 22 May 2011

As Time Goes By....

Again Vienna, again after midnight and soon I will have to be in the MBA-class again. Today is Saturday and the night of the annual Life-Ball. After a few intensive days again I have decided to go to bed early - Latest at 3:00 I want to hit the pillow!
This time I stay for the 4 days in a hostel at the Naschmarkt. Today, after the second night in the hostel, I have experienced that my key-card didn't work any more. At the reception we've found out that my old room got cleared of my stuff and I was transferred to another room. The afternoon staff didn't know this and my belongings got stored at the reception. After we've figured out the problem I got a new key card, drink vouchers and an invitation for Breakfast. Again a little unexpected adventure!

My new roommates seem to be all at the Life-ball and look pretty queer! The room is pure chaos but again a different experience. Now I'm in the lobby as can be seen on the picture of this blog and I do some final work before I watch the latest episode of south park.

Not long ago I've started with my MBA and now already half of the program is over. There is only one module left in June and then the specialisation starts in September. We'll kick off the program in Boston where I will start the final round with a decent road trip. I really look forward to this trip because it will be my only vacation of the year!

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XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

OMGosh that is such a GORGEOUS room, I could barely pay attention to what I was reading because I was trying to take in the beautiful photo. Lovely photo. :)

Pritta Diyanti said...

love yr traveling storis

Pritta Diyanti said...

love yr traveling stories