Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Yesterday was a busy day. After a traditional breakfast with pancakes, jam and juice we went on the road again. The weather was great and the signs from the hurricane got less and less. Some parts have experienced a power cut and lower parts in the valleys have been flooded. But nothing to serious here. Our first destination has been the Bash Bish Falls. They are located in a stated park between New York and Massachusetts. It was 3/4 miles decent hike and a extra little hike to the top of the falls. unfortunatly we couldn't get close but still it was very relaxing there. After that we've decided to reach Pittsfield to stay there over night. It was a great drive through a scenery mountain area on a narrow road before we've reached the highway again.

We made several stops to Pittsfield and we also stopped at a picturesque farm: The windy hill farm. They grow plants and flowers and also have self picking apples and blueberries. We ate a lot and continued later our journey. Our stay in Pittsfield is a pink motel from where we soon start for a next day full of action.

Monday, 29 August 2011

From Massachutas To Cinnecticut

It was a good idea to avoid the coast and drive into the country. We started early in the morning and ended up in Canaan, CT. Driving was ok and fast because almost no cars have been on the road. We found a nice bed and breakfast to stay and soon we will enjoy a good American breakfast.

Today, Monday, the weather is now great! No wind, blue sky and sunshine. We soon will explore Berkshire and head north.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Waiting For The Storm

After the long flight we arrived tired in Boston. Immigration was as usual fun again. I have this time an official media visa but still I had to fill out a paper form with exactly the same details as on the electronic visa. The next stop was at the car rental. We've rented a car (some kind of mini SUV KIA) and headed to a little city called Worcester to be away from the storm.

Today, Sunday, we plan to drive to Berkshire after breakfast. It should be a great area to hike around and be in touch with mother nature.

...more tk!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Back To America: Boston

I'm obviously not the only one who wants to hit the USA by storm - Irene is already trying to reach Boston before I do. Irene is a hurricane originating in the Caribbean and moving along the east coast of the United States. Because tropical storms are seasonal very common scientists are specialised to track the storms and classify them. The public has also options to get good and reliable information about these extremities with the hurricane tracker!

I will report a bit on the blog when I'm there. I've my medium travel photography equipment with me so expect some nice pictures. My travel will be this time for three weeks around the greater area of Boston and Boston central. Part of the travel is reserved for an assignment and the other time will be dedicated for MBA related issues.