Sunday, 15 January 2012

A sunday at TU Vienna

Once again we have MBA class over the weekend...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Back To Austria

The USA is history again - I'm preparing to leave the country and head on to good old Europe. It has been a great time here. Many insights, adventures and a lot of good time.

The trip initially began with a road trip through New England, starting from Boston, travelling up to the north on the west side and coming down at the coast at the east side. Clemens and I had a great time driving around, getting lost and detoured but we always had a great time. I personally wouldn't want to live in New England except of Boston. It looks like Austria but is much more conservative and I have no use for the many churches and "correct" citizens.

The time in Boston was great too. A lot of insights how the academic field is organised and how start-up companies work. It's a lot hustle and bustle and at the end I think the main difference is the self confidence of the people here that make crazy ideas work. Just do it!!

Now at the end of the trip and a great time on the sun deck I'm happy to return to Austria to move-on again for the next challenges and adventures....

Friday, 16 September 2011


We are now at an interesting company that finds solutions for various problems.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


We are now just in class in Harvard and working on a case with prof. Karim Lakhani.

Red Sox

The last few days have been very busy. We are moving from company to company, university to university. The WU Wien has arranged a very interesting schedule keeping us busy during the day.

Luckily the evenings are free. Still the evenings are also full of action because we use our valuable time wisely to the full extent. Going out together, having fun and long discussions are great fun. Yesterday I even have been at my first baseball game: Boston Red Sox against Toronto Blue Jays. We had an interesting starting point: We had two free tickes but still we've needed two additional tickets for the four of us. Against all odds we have even got tickets at the official ticket counter for 55 Dollars. The view was quite decent for the price and we had full 3 hours of interesting action. Of course I had no clue what's going on but Hannes was so kind to explain me the game in full detail. There was a lot of action going on - most of the time from the spectators getting food and drinks. The game was rather static but still quite busy. At the end Boston won 18:06 - Poor Canadians ;)

Now we are in the final phase of the Boston experience and on Sunday I will have to go back to Europe. It's a bit sad but still I am also happy to return back for several great reasons. Tomorrow we have Harvard on the list and I need still to do some good shots of the city.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Museum Of Science

This is my first post with the new google iPhone app. I am at a demonstration at the electrical lab at the exclusive second floor. It's an average demonstration bur great fun for the guys here.

Boston: Field Trip

Again time seems to "fly". The MBA-module is already over and we had some interesting days talking about sources of innovation. Tomorrow, Monday, starts the field trip to universities and companies around the town.

I'm really enjoying the time with my colleagues. It's a very diverse and interesting group and great fun to see all the different characters. Christian, J├╝rgen, Hannes and Konstantin are great company and we have a lot of fun on our little house boat. Today we even have activated our BBQ and we made us some nice steaks. Boston is quite expensive when it comes to eating and drinking. I'm already glad when I'm at home to keep control on my budget ;)

Now its time for a good night rum and I have to prepare my bed. Its the sofa in the living room and I have chosen it because I'm anyway the last to get to bed and the first getting out. If its warm outside tomorrow I think about smoking again a decent cigar. To be on the water with some basics is all I need to be in perfect chill mood.