Tuesday, 12 May 2009

sprinnine: one week to go

We are now in the final stage of the preparations for the upcoming springfestival next week. Almost all artists have their flights, the festival book is in print, the locations are approved by the authorities, the website is on-line with all features and much, much more! Tomorrow the itineraries for the artists, and there are over 150 of them, will be also finalized.

Next week on Tuesday the first artists will arrive in the city and we already have to take care of them. The last artists will leave Graz on Monday after the festival so we are fully occupied until then. The weather forecast is quite OK. The temperatures are not to high and it shouldn't rain. Tomorrow we will also meet with all drivers to brief them and to do some basic coordination. Most artists will arrive either in Graz or in Vienna. For us that means that we have to pick up the guys in Vienna and drive them down to Graz. The duration is about 2.5 hours between Graz and Vienna.

It's really exciting to work together with so many different people. I'll miss that as soon as the festival is over. Then we just have to do the closing and start the preparations for next years 10th anniversary of the festival: springten