Tuesday, 28 April 2009

springnine Promo, London

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Astounding - This is the first post after I'm back from Africa. It seems I need extreme conditions to do some regularly blogging. At the moment I'm in the office and working on the preparations for the springfestival. There is not so much for me to do right now because my lovely colleagues have already done most of the job.

Last weekend we have been in London to promote the springfestival and get in touch with the artists we already know and the newbies. I took the early flight and had luck to be upgraded to business class. Then I checked the hotel at the Kings Cross area and spent a great day sightseeing in central London. At the evening I hooked up with my friends from Austria and England. A bit eating out, some drinking and visiting a a nice venue. There was not all too much action going on in the Arches and we left quite early at three.

Saturday was a dedicated shopping and sightseeing day. We all had a different schedule and enjoyed spending time in Soho. I skipped shopping and took some pictures instead. It was just a bit strange to run around with my big camera as well as hundred others. In London we also learned why it was so difficult to get a hotel room - London marathon was scheduled for Sunday!

Saturday evening was our night. Together with our hosts, the urban nerds, we had a party in a warehouse at the banks. The venue was huge and it seems it was a former storage. Because of its size the venue was only half full and the vibes didn't spark over as it should. Also like the previous night I had seen enough and left the venue for a traditional after hour snack.

After all the weekend was really busy, exhausting and wonderful. We had a good time together and we are already excited about the next visit. Now we are focused on the upcoming festival in Graz and then we just have to work on a master plan for the rest of the year.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Back In Europe

Exactly after 90 days we are at the end of our travel. It was interesting for us to realize that flying sometimes is also as difficult and uncomfortable as a bus ride in Africa. Flights were delayed and our luggage got lost but we arrive in time at Graz. We are lucky that nothing serious has happen to us. No one got sick, robbed, lost or anything worse.

Now we have to carry on with all the things to do after a big travel. We have to start our live here again. Wash dirty clothes, read the post and emails from three months, get the apartment organised and much, much more. The outstanding pictures have been already posted and a collection of the best will be created in the next few weeks. There also will be a short summery in the blog and a forecast what will come next.

Austria is quite the same as we've left it. The weather starts to become nicer after a long and cold winter. The economy is still a mess but there are a lot of projects we follow at the moment so we don't worry to get bored soon.