Friday, 5 March 2010

The Dragon Has Landed - Back In Austria

It's now almost a week now that I'm back in Austria and I still try to get used to "good" old Austria. I'm almost finished rearranging the apartment. During the travel a friend stayed in the apartment and she has had her stuff also in the apartment together with the other stuff that was already in. Now I am cleaning, washing clothes, organising winter gear and working on the computer. The stupid computer reboots every hour and I haven't found the reason yet. I have the feeling that this will cost me many hours to solve.

The trip back was quite a nightmare. Especially the part from the Dominican Republic to San Francisco. American airlines really suck. It's literally like riding on a truck stuffed full of people. No service, no fun! The biggest surprise was for me how luggage can be treated. In Atlanta I was sitting above the cargo door and could see how my luggage was loaded. First my two bags were thrown on the conveyor belt very rudely. At the baggage checkout before I had to remove a broken bottle of fine 8 year old rum because the bag was thrown around! I was in fear that that could happen again. Then I saw my surfboard. It was on top of the cart and to be sent up as the last and bulky piece. The baggage handler just threw it on the conveyor belt and didn't waste a second look on it before he took off to get another full cart. In the meantime the surfboard almost slipped of the belt and was ready to fall down. Luckily the guy came back in the last moment and threw it on the belt again. It was just the same as before. The board didn't get up and got stuck. This time the guy kicked it from the conveyor belt to free it for the upcoming luggage. The surfboard pack has fallen down at least from 1,5m height. Needless to mention that a surfboard is very fragile and it was also clearly labelled as fragile!! I was shocked and the worst thing was that I couldn't do anything. The guy was out there on the apron area and I was in the plane. I was sooo mad!
Fortunately nothing happened. My two bars of cigarettes have saved my boards and I have used a lot of protective layers for safty.

Today I have exchanged my surfboard to a snowboard. If everything is fine I get a chance to go snowboarding at the weekend. In Austria there is still a lot of snow at the moment and I have missed snowboarding and the Alps really much. Back I will continue with my tasks and with picture processing, I still have a lot in the queue to process. Even the photos of the Africa trip need to be processed. I sure can say that it will not get boring in the near future.