Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Student life

It's a while ago since the last blog entry. I'm busy studying and in parallel I'm also running various projects. It's a bit after midnight so I have now time to enjoy myself and chill out.

It's now almost the end of the first semester of my MBA program in project and process management. It just recently turned out that this is the least interesting topic that I had until now in class.
Studying is very interesting. I have to be in average once per month in Vienna and I have plenty of pre- and post assignments to work on. That means that I have all the time something to do. After the next semester the "business core" part is finished. Then I just have to do one semester in project and process management before I finish with my master thesis.

Unfortunately its not so easy any more to travel. After all the work with university and projects there is almost no time left fore fun things. Fortunately I have a natural talent to identify weak spots in the system and so I will carry on with short trips until I'm finished with my MBA.

After waking up the blog again my next actions will be to feed picasa again with new images. As my stock is pretty extensive there is a lot material and I also will present some new stuff from various projects.