Friday, 3 April 2009

Back In Europe

Exactly after 90 days we are at the end of our travel. It was interesting for us to realize that flying sometimes is also as difficult and uncomfortable as a bus ride in Africa. Flights were delayed and our luggage got lost but we arrive in time at Graz. We are lucky that nothing serious has happen to us. No one got sick, robbed, lost or anything worse.

Now we have to carry on with all the things to do after a big travel. We have to start our live here again. Wash dirty clothes, read the post and emails from three months, get the apartment organised and much, much more. The outstanding pictures have been already posted and a collection of the best will be created in the next few weeks. There also will be a short summery in the blog and a forecast what will come next.

Austria is quite the same as we've left it. The weather starts to become nicer after a long and cold winter. The economy is still a mess but there are a lot of projects we follow at the moment so we don't worry to get bored soon.

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