Sunday, 29 March 2009

Cape Town

Finally the end is reached. We have been to the edge of Africa and it doesn't go any further. This will be the final posting from Africa before we return to Austria where we expect to be frozen to death. On Tuesday we will have a nice last day at a private resort before we leave on Wednesday to the airport. Surfing was not possible in this short time because the good surf is a bit far from here and it would have caused too much trouble to go there.

The last few days we have explored Cape Town and enjoyed the city. We have been sightseeing, shopping and enjoying delicious food. Today we even have been in the largest shopping mall in Africa. It's huge and over 400 stores are located there together with a food court and entertainment area. Now it's the final evening and we have to pack again our backpacks for the final move.

Thursday we will arrive in Austria and I start work again on Friday. Over the weekend I hope to have enough time to write a summary of the 90 day trip. It will take way longer to process all the pictures we have taken. Several thousand pictures from all over Africa! The best will be processed and put on-line in an independent gallery. It's quite a mixture of countries, people and animals as well as also the incredible nature.

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