Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Next Stop: The End

We arrived today back from our trip to the red desert and the highlands. Sossusvlei's rich orange sea of sand dunes is one of the most astounding sights in the world. They are the highest sand dunes in the world (up to 300m). The dunes are much higher than their nearest rivals in Arabian Africa. The older the dune, the brighter the color from slow iron oxidization and a zillion minute fragments of garnets. These dunes range from burnt orange through blood red to deepest mauve, and geologists say that this supreme desert could be the oldest in the world. In the Nama language, "Namib" means "vast"

To reach the remote dunes we've decided to take a 4x4 car and to camp at the entrance of the park. It was really worth it. Camping was quite cheap and the night sky was impressive. So many stars in the sky! Many people also go to Namibia for observing the stars. On our third night we have camped on a farm specialized for star gazing in the Namibian highlands. Many professionals and amateurs stay there and enjoy the dry climate with almost no dust and forms of light at night.

Now we are just a few hours away from our next travel and sadly also our last big travel in Africa. We soon board the long distance bus from Windhoek to Cape Town and will arrive tomorrow at the early afternoon. The last few days in South Africa will be used for shopping, eating good food and a big chill.

The next picture update will be in Cape Town. We have taken some great pictures from the desert and wildlife.

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