Tuesday, 3 March 2009


After a log time of absence I'm back again. I just have arrived back in Moshi, a city next to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Edith and Walter are now in the bus from Kenya to Dar Es Salam in Tanzania.

What happened recently?

Edith and Walter travelled from Uganda to Mombasa/Kenya to spend a few days at the beach. Meanwhile I've been on Mt. Kilimanjaro. We will meet together in Dar Es Salam
and continue our travel to Cape Town. I don't know any detailed plans
at the moment but I think we'll do some very nice things in Namibia.


Anonymous said...

...ja und wann sind deine speicherkarten endlich voll? ;) bin schon sehr gespannt auf die fotofortsetzung!!
die geschichten sind so genial, ich beneide euch wirklich!
ich wünsch euch allen eine gute weiterreise!
liebe grüße, kurtl

Richard said...

The memory cards of my camera are permanently full. I've even had my camera up the Kilimanjaro and made some early morning pictures. The photos are moved regulary to the "image tank" and waiting for final processing at home. The Internet connection here in east Africa is a disaster! Next year new communication links should be established but that doesn't help me here. Tomorrow I travel to Dar Es Salam and hope I'll be lucky there.