Sunday, 8 March 2009


It's time for a vacation on our trip through Africa. A perfect place is the island of Zanzibar just 70km before Dar Es Salaam. Ferries are connecting the island with the mainland and it takes around 1.5h for the ride. Stone Town is the biggest city and very picturesque. It is built in colonial style.

Nungwi, the village where we stay, is located in the north. The island reminds me a lot of Bali. A lot of palm trees, fruits, warm climate and relaxed people. The beaches are white and the sea is turquoise and blue. The tourists are mainly from America, northern and southern Europe. Many locals can speak Italian because they seem to come here in high numbers for a long time. We are here also very close to the rain season. Big rain is expected in two weeks and it is already very humid and hot. Beside of the romantic beach life there are also many bars and restaurant offering sea food and Italian dishes. At the local bars the music of choice is reggae. It's also easy too get enough supply for body and mind ;)

Coming up

In one or two days we'll leave Zanzibar for good and head to the Victoria falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe. The bus ride is expected to take at least 24 hours and will stay one or two days at the falls. At the moment the Victoria falls are reaching a peak in the water flow and that means a lot of spray and mist. We expect to get we when we come close to the falls.
Unfortunately I have to spare out swimming at the top of the falls at the famous devils swimming pool. Too much water goes now over the edge and it's not even worth a thought of swimming there now.

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