Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tanzania - Kilimanjaro

Today I've arrived back from the Kilimanjaro trip. It was exhaustive, wonderful and a once in a lifetime experience. It began all in Uganda. After the nice chill out at the Hornbill camp at lake Victoria I wanted to ask for a flight from Entebbe/Uganda to Kilimanjaro international airport. At the Air Kenya office I've asked for a flight and luckily there was one just boarding. The boarding was interrupted for me and I could buy a ticket and rushed with my luggage and some dangerous articles through the security. After arriving in Tanzania I was again asked for my yellow fever vaccination. As I have lost it somewhere between Ethiopia and Kenya I just told the immigration officer that I have it and it's too much effort for me to get it out of my luggage. He was perfectly fine with this explanation and wished me a good stay in Tanzania.

... Now I have to stop writing. After the 4th power cut it makes no more sense writing. Rain season has started two days ago and it's really on-time. Heavy storms and rain started yesterday...

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climbing Kilimanjaro said...

Congrats on your Kilimanjaro experience.