Saturday, 21 March 2009

Weekend Status Update

We just arrived back to Windhoek after a few days in Swakopmund at the sea side. The big difference from here to Swakopmund is that it is very cold at the sea. The cold air comes in from the sea and further on to the desert. In Swakopmund there are many clouds and then it gets really cold. You have to wear a jacket - Even in the sand desert.

Today is the 19th anniversary of Namibia's independence. It is one of the youngest countries in Africa and was liberated 1991 from South Africa who has occupied it after the Germans left. We have attended a celebration in Swakopmund. Many local groups and politicians have met at a open air place to celebrate. Unfortunately independence day means a public holiday: People stay at home, shops are closed, alcohol is banned and a lot of other fun.

Tomorrow we have booked a 4x4 for the next three days. We'll drive to the middle of the country where the big dunes are. Before we leave tomorrow we stock up on a lot of things to eat and for a decent barbecue. Not to forget also some cider and marshmallows. We'll be back on Wednesday and we continue to our final destination on the same day. The tickets for the long distance bus from Windhoek to Cape Town are already booked and we just have to be at the right time at the station.

The first pictures of Namibia are already online too!

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Anonymous said...

Hi strangers!
We are really happy that everything is going so well for you. We do enjoy the fotos and explanations of your trip tremendously. Thanks Edith for the postcard. We are looking forward seing you soon. In the meantime have fun and enjoy!
mom & dad