Friday, 6 March 2009

Comming Up: Zanzibar

It's finally time for swimming! Tomorrow I plan to follow Edith and Walter to Zanzibar. They are right now on the way to the north of Zanzibar where the fine beaches are. In central Africa we didn't have an opportunity to go swimming because of the little fellows in the water (worms, bacteria etc.). As of the begin of the rain season it's now very humid in Dar Es Salaam (>90%) and at night around 30C. There are ferries leaving to Zanzibar every few hours starting at 7:15 at the morning. The ride takes 1,5h for 70km and costs around 35US$

Next week we will travel together to Zambia and visit the Victoria falls. Our first travel option with the train didn't work out because it's too expensive and I had too much trouble with staff and hawkers at the central train station in Dar Es Salaam. The next decision is between bus and plane. After Victoria falls (Livingstone) we will proceed to Namibia where I'm really looking forward to see the red sand dunes.

The end of our journey is also very near. We start now to check flights back to Austria at the end of March. I'll be really happy to have then a "normal" Internet again

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Anonymous said...

Hey Edith, Richard u.Walter!

Bin echt happy wieder etwas von euch zu lesen. Gespannt war ich auch auf die Bilder. Mir blieb der Mund offen, echt genial Richard!Edith hast du mein Mail schon gelesen? Bei mir hat sich auch vieles ereignet. Übrigens Danke für die Karte.

Bussi ***