Monday, 12 September 2011

Boston: Field Trip

Again time seems to "fly". The MBA-module is already over and we had some interesting days talking about sources of innovation. Tomorrow, Monday, starts the field trip to universities and companies around the town.

I'm really enjoying the time with my colleagues. It's a very diverse and interesting group and great fun to see all the different characters. Christian, J├╝rgen, Hannes and Konstantin are great company and we have a lot of fun on our little house boat. Today we even have activated our BBQ and we made us some nice steaks. Boston is quite expensive when it comes to eating and drinking. I'm already glad when I'm at home to keep control on my budget ;)

Now its time for a good night rum and I have to prepare my bed. Its the sofa in the living room and I have chosen it because I'm anyway the last to get to bed and the first getting out. If its warm outside tomorrow I think about smoking again a decent cigar. To be on the water with some basics is all I need to be in perfect chill mood.

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