Friday, 2 September 2011

Vermont - Stowe

After all the flooded streets we wanted to reach higher and decided to hike up Mt. Greylock, the last big adventure in Massachusetts. The initial idea was to drive up the mountain and enjoy the great view. Unfortunately the park was still closed because of the hurricane and we had to hike up over 10 miles to get to the top. That was quite challenging but nice.

The next day was just driving around heading north. Sounds easy but was very difficult. We have experienced road blocks and detours all the time. We changed our destination all the time and finally arrived in Stowe - a well known ski resort. The tourist information recommended us to stay at the hotel Innsbruck - A "kind" of Austrian hotel but it has a sauna, swimming pool and other facilities.

Today on Thursday we had two exciting activities: The first one was canoeing down a river for several hours. That was great fun and the paddling wasn't too bad either. After returning back to the hotel we prepared for the next sensation - the visit of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory!  B&J's are originally from Vermont and the factory offers tours. It was also great to be there and have a few cups rich ice cream.

Tomorrow we have some new options in mind what to do. Depending on the weather we could do some mountain biking or head to Mt. Washington for the next stop. As we are very, very flexible we'll find out tomorrow what it will be.

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