Sunday, 6 March 2011

Long Nights In Vienna

This is a weekend full of tricky moves and other unexpected surprises. A few days before travelling to Vienna it turned out that no cheap hotel rooms are available because of a radiology congress at the same time. By a coincident my MBA colleague and dear friend Holly has also checked in to the same hostel as I did. It's the brand new Wombat hostel at the Wiener Naschmarkt. The prices are ok (weekends 20 Eur/ dorm and under the week 15 Eur/dorm). The people in my dorm turned out to be very nice - I was always the latest to come home and the earliest to leave. I've slept just enought to survive the day. At night there always was something going on and I've met many niche people at the hostel.

Right now one just has got up in the middle of the night to search for something in a bag. I'm really happy that I'm already in bed and can relax. Tomorrow we have the final day global markets and after that we'll head home to Graz. That are Holly, Matthias and I - glad to have survived and ready go get home.

At the end some proven observations again: many people prefer stinky rooms over fresh air!


Khalila Neferet said...

Fierce blog! Where's the " Follow" option?

Richard said...

The follow option is right beside the search window at the top of the page.