Saturday, 19 September 2009

Next Stop: Bangkok - Bali

I'm just back from our first event after the summer break: FM4 Unlimited with DJ Functionist & DJ Beware. It was a great event and I was happy to meet so many nice friends there. Now I'm back to write my final blog entry and have about three hours to sleep before I go to the airport.

My first stop will be in Munich where I eat my final "Weisswurst" with Beer before I will enjoy Asian cuisine for the next months. I will have a short stopover in Bangkok before I reach my final destination Bali. After a long absence from surfing I will spend the next weeks at this perfect place. I hope my surfboard will arrive in one piece. It had some cracks from the last transport. It will anyway be a challenge to travel with heavy gear: Big suitcase, surfboard and camera equipment.

It would be a pleasure for me to hook up with fellow travellers and friends. Soon I will post here my full itinerary and would be happy if someone is in the mood to join me.

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