Saturday, 4 October 2008

Changes - The Begin Of A New Era

Finally - There is a big change! Last week I had with a friend a nice talk about my job and the expectations I have. It turned out, how surprisingly, that I'm not fully satisfied with my job and lack of motivation. At the end of the conversation I've decided to head on and go for a new challenge in my life. After thinking this decision over at the weekend I've today announced that I will quit my job. Having a talent for plan b I will not be bored. In the next days and weeks I'll start planning what to do in future. Most probably that will be a mixture of travelling, adventure, sport, extreme silly things and another plan b.

I definitely look forward to visit all friends I couldn't visit the last few years. Life is short and it's a pity to give only money priority. I'll update this blog now at least on a weekly basis to keep everyone informed about the latest progress - and there will be a lot to do.

First I have to know when I have my final day at work. I'll expect to work until my contract is terminated by law - that could be at the end of October. In-between I have the joy to plan what to do with my stuff and the apartment. Personal planning is not one of my good skills - Usually I'm lazy to think about personal changes but then do them quickly. For now I'll relax and wait for the upcoming adventures.

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