Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Joke & Will's Wedding

Joke and Will are happily married!!! I was very honoured to attend the marriage of Joke and Will in Jokes home town Kortenberg nearby Brussels. It was a greet weekend in Belgium. I had the opportunity to meet the many interesting friends and family of them. Everything had a special touch and it was great to be there. The family prepared the wedding party a week long. On Friday the final arrangements where done before Joke "kicked" will out. Will had to stay the night before the weekend out and we had a mellow pre-party at a friends house. I had long discussions with the friendly Belgians about one of the most well known specialities of Belgium: Beer!! There are up to 3000 different beers in Belgium! So I had to drink a few that evening to check if Belgium beer is really good - And it is! After a couple of beers I was glad Will took us back home to our sleeping place at Joke's grandmother.

The wedding was held on Saturday morning at the town hall. It was a short but friendly and warm ceremony that only lasted for 15 minutes. After that we had brunch at the wedding party at Jokes parents. At the evening the party was going on and over 170 people decided to come. The evening was a mixture of dancing, eating, drinking, smoking shisha and meeting nice people. It just became a little bit chilly late night but we where happy that the weather was so nice. Blue sky and no rain at all!

Sunday was dedicated to sleep long and then go for a little exercise. The remaining people from the party helped together to clean up the garden and help to get everything stored away. That also was a great experience we've shared!

For Will and Joke this was just the beginning of a stressful but exciting time. They soon move to San Francisco where Will got a job at Freebase. I've already got the info that there is a good caving area nearby. I'm looking forward to meet them in a cosy cave and explore the wonders of nature.

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Scott said...

Hi Richard,
It was lovely to meet you on Saturday
Thanks for all your help, it was greatly appreciated.
Alles Gutes