Friday, 24 October 2008

First Travel Anouncement: Africa

It's amazing! Still months ahead and I have an almost clear picture about my upcoming travels next year. Here is a brief overview:

1) November 14th: Final day in the office
2) Mid November - End of December: Snowboarding and moving out of the apartment
3) January - March: Africa
4) Asia
5) North / South America


I'll plan to travel with my dear friends (Edith and Walter) to Africa. Beginning in Austria over Turkey, Syria, Egypt, East coast, Crossing from east to west and finally arriving in Cape Town. We plan to travel on low budget using mainly trains, buses camels and everything else that brings us to the final destination.

The travel is roughly planned for 80 days. The route from north to south as well. On travel we can adapt the route to the individual needs. Split, meet together, get lost and so on... There is also a nice location for swimming with a view that I want to try out. I'm very curious if it is dangerous or not ;)

Check out the link: Devil's Swimming Pool

Now I'm trying to brush up my skills in digital photography to cover the travel. I'm not sure if I will use Picasa (because I run out of space). There are also some other nice galleries on the web that I want to check out. As soon as I have one I'll start my "Around The World Photo Gallery"

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Rode Joke said...

Hey Richard and Edith,
make sure to spend enough time in Syria on your travels! It is a very beautiful country with very nice people! Try to go to Palmyra in the desert, and don't forget about Aleppo, Damascus, Hama, the crac des chevaliers, the water sanctuary in Amrit and Tartus ... (Can't think of anything else to recommend you right now ... ;-))
Kisses, Joke