Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Semana Santa

Semana Santa is a week in which everything dies all over the country. Schools are out and this time around Wednesday was a Catholic holiday too, making it even shorter in some sectors. Also the government and public services shut down. Venezuelans use this holly week to flock in masses to the beaches in huge crowds. Being unaware of this mass phenomenon I’ve noticed the rapid increase of party crowd at the beach. It was very interesting to observe the behavior of the people. Woman in tiny G-strings and massive booties are having fun and drinking booze on the beach with their super size friends. With some delay it came to my mind that all these people have to go home after the week. Unfortunately on the return flight from Caracas to Europe was also scheduled for Sunday.

Soon we realized that there would be no plane with available seats until Thursday, three days after the end of my vacation, to fly back. The next opinion was the ferry between Isla de Margarita and the mainland. The new master plan was to take the ferry on Saturday night and travel to the airport in Caracas with the airport express. This plan failed because I had to learn at 02:00 AM that the tickets have been sold out for the next few days. After a short and deep sleep back at the friend’s house the next idea was born. Because the ticket for Caracas was not any longer any carrier could be considered for flying home. At the end luck came back and Condor had available seats. So many other tiny nasty things had happen and it is impossible to list them all. I’m just happy to be back in time!

I think I have learned my lesson and the next time I will carefully check the vacation schedule before I consider booking a flight. After all it was a great short vacation and a big adventure. I’m now already thinking about the next travel…

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