Friday, 14 March 2008

Isla de Margarita

The first big travel this year brings me back to “Isla de Margarita” in Venezuela. I’ve already been here a few years ago on a travel through Venezuela. It was the last stop before returning back to Europe. Now I’m here to visit friends and have a good time. The trip was quite unexpected because my company has asked me to consume my outstanding vacation. Together with Karin, Edith, Amira and Rene I spend some really special moments on the island.

I’m writing now on the laptop of Rene and a big jar of rum helps me to find the right wording. Mentioning rum – there is a great selection of rum available in the stores. It’s a double pleasure to drink premium rum in an exotic environment. This will remind me in the coming months, when I drink a glass of rum at home, on sunshine, nice weather and hanging loose.

On Monday I have started with kite surfing lesions. Isla de Margarita is famous for steady wind, warm sea and a sandy shore. Every second day I go with my friends to a beach called “El Yake”. This beach is world famous for the wind conditions and attracts the wind surfing crowd and kite surfing enthusiasts around the world. It’s fascinating using the force of the wind to surf over the sea. I’m very curious how it will get on Friday when it’s the first time using the board. Until now I was busy learning how to control the kite and drag in the sea.

Unfortunately the first week is almost over. I’ll come back home on Easter Monday and return back to work on Tuesday. After returning back I’ll travel on Friday to London where a springfestival promotion party with DJ Marky (Brazil) will kick the ass of the audience. At the moment I have big problems writing this text. A little kitty insists to lick my hands and wants to sit on the keyboard. After removing the cat I have a minute time to write the next paragraph :)

I think that’s enough for today. I’ll try to update the blog more or less frequently till the end of my journey. Now another cat attack begins and I have to take care of the little kitty.

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Cool Indeed! said...

Very excited travel story! Enjoy! :-)