Monday, 7 January 2008

Budapest - A Short Review

On Friday I was too lazy to write my review on Friday so today, Monday, is the best day to finish the report. It's already quite difficult for me to write from a vacation four days ago. It seems that it is not 4 days but 4 weeks.

Overall it was a great travel. I've managed to see all the main sites and did some activities. Of course it is difficult to do a "normal" travel at new year. Many shops are closed as well as museums and other points of interest. There are many similarities between Budapest and Vienna so it didn't really feel as a foreign city. Just the language reminded me from time to time where I am. The only negative thing was the weather. It was very cold and the view was limited. But this weather conditions where present in whole south eastern Europe.

On Thursday I left Budapest with the direct train to Graz. Its a journey over 6 hours and it gets boring after 2 hours drive because its dark outside. The positive aspect about the train ride is the cost (19€ one way) and you get in the middle of both cities without driving by yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,
leider findet man keine Details, wie und wo Ihr den Countdown erlebt habt! Wir haben in Wundschuh Raketen geschossen - hätte Dir Spaß gemacht :-).
Alles Liebe und bis spätestens 18.1.!
LG Anna