Thursday, 5 June 2008

Back To Life, Back To Reality

Wow - I've missed to write even a single blog entry in May. It's not that it was boring - There was so much going on I've almost lost track. To get started again I just want to focus on the main topics:

Spring Festival
The festival is the main event of the year for me. I love music so much and with all the action going on here in little Graz it’s “almost” the best thing that can happen to me. This year we had great headliners at the opening concert on the first day. The location of the concert was on top of the “Schlossberg”. This exclusive location was the perfect place for an exclusive opening. My job, as in the former years, was to host our artists – mostly the headliners of the day. I had a great time with Roni Size and Represent and with a bunch of Brazilians from the Brazilian night. I hope next year I’ll be able to welcome much more of my dear friends ;-) I have already posted the pictures on Picasa – Have a look!

Job Change
I’ve decided to change my job at the end of April. After reviewing what I have archived and the opportunities to come I’ve accepted a job offer from a friend. I really was sad to quit the “old” job because of my gorgeous colleagues and the interesting and international business.

I work now at Zydacron – A start-up company that produces medical devices for tele health. There is a lot to do in this company because the whole development team has quit and the business has to get started again. I’m working now at the support department and it’s really a challenge for me – I hate this technical focussed jobs! As I love challenges I give it a try and hopefully I can “reorganise” myself quite quick and go for another challenge.

I have already some plans for the next weeks. Today I had my first shot in a commercial about my work at the new company. That will be part of a marketing video of the company.
Next week I’ll be in London at an exclusive hospital to shot a short feature about the tele health product for an Arabian TV station. Later next week I will travel to Norway to a special place where elderly people live in a community – also using the new product.
I also want to be in the near future in Paris for the “Fete de la musique” and in Belgium for caving. I really hope at least something will work out. Now as I have some time for blogging again you’ll can expect to be well informed again.


Will said...

Hi Richard, it indeed sounds like life is very busy.

You'd be very welcome in Belgium, especially in the caves. We've got a busy summer too, so let's make sure we don't miss each other. (and we're probably moving to San Francisco in October)

see you,
--Will & Joke

D4V said...

Hey Richard,

David here.. Glad to see you enjoyed springfestival as much as we did..

Sadly I was disappointed to see that you took ALL ( the photos that I took from springfestival (seven and eight from what I can see), and are using them as your own. Not cool man.

Go read the flickr user agreement next time you decide to poach photos. It's not only offensive, but can potentially get you in trouble.

It has cost me thousands of dollars worth of equipment, let alone my time and traveling from Canada to cover springfestival, and the least you could do would to drop me a email, or credit the photos.