Friday, 6 June 2008

Reality Is Illusion

This week was quite refreshing at work. I’ve expected to feel blue after the festival and all the nice people I’ve met but it turned out different – movie time! My company has decided to produce an image film about the company, products and solutions. The product is a box that provides video conferencing and wireless connection to medical devices. In a setup with a call centre and medics online patients can have easy access to medical assistance. My part was to provide technical assistance on the set and I even got a short role. I’ve acted as support expert who takes a call and handles it in a professional way. It was great fun – I love to be in front of a camera – much more then to be in the background.

This experience was a nice fresh-up for next week. On Tuesday I will be on set at a first class private hotel in the city centre of London. An Arabic investor from UAE (United Arabian Emirates) has recently taken over the Cromwell Hospital and is interested to present it as a leading institute. I will present a telehealth solution for UAE-TV and we’ll produce a 15 minute feature that will be nationwide broadcasted. It will be hard work but also great fun – I look forward to it.

Beside the TV feature I also want to take the opportunity to visit some good friends in London – I really hope to meet Chris this time. There are so many stories to hear from his trip to South America. Again the day is too short and its already past 1AM again – Time for my bed...

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