Tuesday, 18 November 2008

It Smells Like Snow

From the final week of work to the first without: It feels a bit strange not to get up early in the morning - But anyone who knows me is aware that my busiest hours are always at night. Today I've received my new snowboard. It's a Nitro MFM pro and it will serve me well soon in the mountains. I plan to go in December snowboarding to Salzburg. The same set-up as last year: Swatch Snow Mobile 2008 and Rave on Snow. That's a week full of entertainment and start of the winter season in Saalbach-Hinterglem.

Of course it's not only fun at the moment. I'm spending a lot of time to get prepared for the travel. I have to get my equipment together, check travel details, visa and prepare everything for the leave. Now as Africa is calling I'm paying more attention to the news. We have a lot of "hot" countries on our route. Today the IAEA has reported that Syria has started a nuclear program. Syria is one of the countries that make it difficult for travellers to transit the country. There are travel restrictions and a visa has to be issued before the travel. Other African countries have special conditions e.g.: Sudan: 60 Journalists imprisoned last week, no freedom of press; Kenia: post-election troubles; Somalia: Pirates, No government; Zimbabwe: >1000% Inflation....
In central Africa the rain season ends now. During our travel we expect to have decent weather. I just hope there are not too much mosquito's. Especially in Africa so many diseases are transmitted by these bloody beasts.

Now I'm going to pack some of my stuff into labelled boxes. Today I pack my records. They will fit into 4-5 large boxes. I should really rip the records and sell them off - I moving too often to carry them around!

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