Monday, 12 January 2009

Jordan (الأردنّ)

Today I'm not able to upload an image at all. We arrived in Petra and the internet cafe offers very basic connectivity. Yesterday we have spent our final day in Syria. We took a 3 hours bus ride to Palmyra. The most interesting thing is that it has been terrible cold in the dessert and even started to rain. Beside of the weather the ruins are amazing and very fascinating. From a nearby hill we had a pretty good overview over the whole area. Back in Damascus we had our final dinner in a very nice traditional restaurant. Unfortunatley I felt so cold from our trip to Palmyra that I just was able to eat a lentil soup - once again. Walter was quite satisfied with his dinner but Edith didn't like the veal liver at all - Too intensive and too strange.

Today, in the early morning, we took a taxi from Damascus to Aman. The drop-of at the taxi stand for the long distance taxis was very interesting. As soon as we've stopped to taxi drivers started fighting who get's us to drive to Aman. They shouted, pushed and tried to get our attention to choose one of them. We took the guy with the best car and a good deal. The ride was agreed for 700SPund per person. After half an hour driving we've stopped at rest station and prepared the papers for the boarder. Suddenly our driver wanted to have more money from us because he claimed that the cab is not full and he wanted to take additional persons with us. After some argumentations he was fine with the previous deal and we continued to Jordan.

Now we are for our first night in Petra and want to stay for three nights before we continue to Egypt. Tomorrow we will walk to the extensive area of Petra and do a lot of hiking. If we are lucky we find tomorrow a better internet cafe and I finally can upload some pictures.

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