Thursday, 1 January 2009

Ready To Go - Goodbye Austria

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Before I leave tomorrow I'm now going through my backpack. I've never been on such a long, continuous road trip before. Usually I have a home base where I can leave some stuff behind. The challenge now is to get rid of some things to reduce the total weight. Especially in the beginning the backpack will be full because of the cold climate. Even in Istanbul the temperatures are below zero now.

Tomorrow the journey starts at 18:30 at the central train station in Graz. The next stops are Zagreb, Belgrade, Bulgaria and finally Istanbul. We'll arrive probably on Sunday at the central station and will stay there for a night. Then we have to find transportation to Syria. Depending on what we get the destination could be Aleppo or Damascus - enshallah!

I try to maintain this blog as often as possible. I just don't know how easy it will be to find an internet cafe in the middle of Africa. But that is also a reason for the travel - to find out how it is and share the experience!


Anonymous said...

oh, i thought u were in Africa now!aha, and calculate the time u back.
Take care in Africa


Anonymous said...

Hallo ihr 3!
Alles gute auf eurer Reise. Ich wünsch euch viele tolle Erlebnisse miteinander und mit Anderen.
Gott schütze euch, Toni

karin said...

hallo ihr drei

i think of you every now and then.
may the light of peace lead you through this journey.
besito de karin, rene@amira