Thursday, 27 August 2009

Post Nr. 100

It has just been a while since my last post. Now summer is almost over and there is also not so much to report about. The few times it was sunny I went swimming to the nearby lake in the south of Graz and of course the weekly beach volleyball is worth to be mentioned.

Last week I have been with friends in Upper Austria to have a look at Linz09. The city of Linz is the cultural capital of Europe this year. We had great fun and could stay at a friends house. There is pretty much to see and a lot of events to attend. We have chosen to go to a very special circus and it really was "very" special.

Now there are almost all tasks performed that I've wanted to perform and I feel the need to do something new again. Maybe a new trip or a new job. I'm just making my mind what to do next. This or latest next week I should come up with a new plan and a new challenge. I'm already excited what it could be...

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