Tuesday, 8 December 2009

San Francisco

I've just started to write this post as I've received a message that the big wave contest on Hawaii just has started. Now I write and can watch the live-stream at the same time.

The final days in Hawaii have been great. The backpackers camp had a thanksgiving dinner and supplied the turkey. The guests have provided the side dishes and with some booze we had a great evening. Many good surfers also have stayed at this place so it was great to meet these people. At the end of the stay was a day trip to Hawaii, the big island. It was a nice day travelling around the island with a tour group and seeing the volcano's and the devastating effects of volcanic activities.

After spending the final day at Waikiki beach I had an early flight to San Francisco. It was great to meet Joke and Will again at their place. We have a great time here in San Francisco and we explored the whole city and surroundings! For me it was very interesting to explore the city. Hispanics are here in a great number as well as many Asians. San Francisco has also an European touch and also Europe is quite present here. I also wonder about the imperial system. I thought it would be more consistent but the metric system is also present. For example skateboard wheels are measured in mm not in inch.

We had some very nice but rather cold days here with temperatures below 10°C with party fog and rain. But that is quite normal for this time of the year and I look forward for the Caribbean tomorrow. Today I plan to go to the city again to a former hippie area. The place still is quite lively and the street is full of smoke supply shops and little eateries and other independent shops.

As mentioned I will pack tomorrow again my big bags and travel at night to the Dominican Republic. I am very curious if I get a pick-up at the airport and find the eXtreme hotel.

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