Friday, 26 February 2010

Leaving The Caribbean

Finally my long trip is almost over. The bags are packed and everything is prepared for my leave tomorrow. Today there was no wind and also no people on the beach. It is really surprising here at "kite beach". Usually nice beaches in the Caribbean are packed with people. Here it just depends on the wind of the beach is full or not. Yesterday more than 60 kites where out in the water and a lot of spectators, instructors and friends on the beach. Today: not more than 10 people over the whole beach on a nice sunny day.

Leaving Cabarete is now a welcomed change for me. I love the Caribbean but I must admit that I prefer Bali over all. Maybe I start once a rum and cigar business there to adopt it too my needs ;)) Kitesurfing turned out to be quite nice but not overexciting. Its just the same bunch of people that preferred windsurfing a while ago. Surfing in the Caribbean is challenging but only to find some bigger waves. The surf beach Encuentro is truly a nice spot for surfing and relaxing. There are just a few people and mainly surfers and affiliates. The surf is as mentioned not too big and pretty shallow because of the coral reef. Several surf schools are lined up along the beach and also rent out all kind of surfboards in various sizes. It's a good idea to rent a surfboard there because the waves are usually not very high and you could end up bringing an own board and just have a few rides during your stay. It is also a wise idea to check the additional fees for surfboard transport on the plane. The prices are 100-200 USD per board!! Of course one-way.
One of the latest attractions here is the new circus that is currently setting up at the backyard of the gym. It's a trapeze!! Everyone who is willing and has no fear of height is invited for lessons. It's too bad that they are just finishing it now. It would have fun giving it a try.

Tomorrow, Friday, I have my big travel day. At noon I have to go via guagua (local minibus) to the airport from Puerto Plata. Then to San Francisco via Atlanta where I am happy to meet Joke and Will on a short stop-over. After that just straight to Frankfurt and from there to Graz where I'll arrive at Sunday afternoon. Of course if there are no delays and hopefully my luggage arrives as well. It's great to arrive at the last day of February so I can get started on Monday the 1st of March with my new plans :))

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