Tuesday, 2 February 2010

La Próxima Estación: Cuba


Today I have prepared my entire luggage for the trip to Santo Domingo tomorrow. I leave all my sport equipment and other stuff I don’t need here at the extreme hotel for my return. The journey will be 5 hours with the late afternoon bus to Santo Domingo and from there to the international airport. I hope to find a comfy bench to spend the night on because the flight will be in the early morning over Panama to Havana. It’s for the same price as the direct flight from Santiago to Havana with the national Cuban airline. The reason I didn’t get the direct flight is that there was no possibility to book the flight online. Copa Airlines has a nice reservation system and I could manage to get the cheapest tickets.

The travel to Cuba will be for roughly two weeks and then I return back to the “extreme hotel” for a final week here. It has been a long time in the Dominican Republic and I am happy to be on the road again. December and January with tropical rain, power cuts and poor Internet connection left often only one combination: rum and cigars! Sure it was fun but after some time it gets really boring and with no alternatives it’s difficult not to get crazy. When I have talked with people that I plan to go to Cuba their response was: why? It’s the same there as here but much poorer!

I personally think that it will be quite similar. Both countries are pretty poor but Cuba will for sure suffer a lot from the long term US-embargo. People love to enjoy life on both islands and are happy even they are poor. I will also adapt to the situation on Cuba and will be off the Internet for two weeks. What a strange feeling not to be connected. But that should be a good experience as well.

On Friday the 19th I will be back in Cabarete again and ready for the final week. After that I’ll be on the long way home to Austria: Puerto Plata – Atlanta – San Francisco – Frankfurt – Graz. This long flight should cure me for a while from travelling – Lets see!

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Toni said...

Hallo Richie!
schön wieder von deinen Abenteuern zu lesen. Bei uns klingt der Winter gerade aus und die Sonne scheint. Ich schick dir was davon rüber.
bis bald, Toni