Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Final Travel Schedule

Today I've received my final travel confirmation here is an update about the upcoming travels in January and February. Also the trouble getting out of the US didn't cause touble to get the new electronic permit to enter the country. I am very curious if I will face a discussion with the immigration officers when I have to show my passport. Last time in Miami the immigration officers left the green card in my passport and I had to hand it over to a stewardess in the plane.

Here are the new and confirmed dates:
  • Cuba: 03-02-2010
  • Rep├║blica Dominicana: 18-02-2010
  • San Francisco: 26-02-2010
  • Austria: 28-02-2010

At the 1st of March I will be officially back in Graz, Austria. I will then prepare and organize my full schedule for 2010 and be back to business.

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