Monday, 11 January 2010

Tropical Rain

The time here in Cabarete is very special for me. The perfect image of the Caribbean is blue sky, white beaches, warm water and fun for all. But the weather can turn it all around. It's raining very, very often! Almost all the time and activities are limited. For the ones who have experienced tropical rain it needs no further explanation. After a big rain shower the streets are flooded, muddy and you never know when it starts again. It's also difficult to go to the center of Cabarete because of the uncertainty of the next rainfall.

The power situation is now better. There are not so many power cuts and Internet is becoming also slowly better. But you never know when the infrastructure fails. Today it was water and a few Internet problems. I've got soaking wet several times times today and now my stuff is drying. Yesterday I had also a fun time at the big skate ramp. It was partially flooded but I could manage to have a few good runs. I'm curious when I can go to the flooded ramp again.

In the meantime there are indoor activities to perform. In the picture above is a nice starter set. The drink is a local speciality: Mamajuana. It's a multi-purpose and strange tasting drink consisting of rum, red wine, honey, palm wood and spices. The best think of the drink is the bottle. It's in a used rum bottle and the label is very promising and in three languages:

This Product Makes The Sexual Potential Bigger And Guaranty You An Excellent Dream
Dieser Product Eröht Die Männliche Vitalitat Und Heilsam Schlafen

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