Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Finally, Nice Weather Again!

After weeks of rain finally the clouds have passed by and now there is nice "Caribbean" weather again. Now it doesn't matter so much if there is a long power cut when you can be outside and do useful things. Today I have rented again a scooter and it is great fun to move around to different areas. The only drawback is that the mosquitoes are now very active. The local ones are real buggers- They fly silent and you don't feel them sting. Just when they fly off by interruption you get a bump and itchy spot.

At the moment I am checking flights to Cuba and after that trip connecting flights home. Now it looks like I stay here until the end of the month and then go to Cuba over Santo Domingo. The planned stay in Cuba is three weeks and then home at the end of February.When I finally know my schedule I'll post it here.

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