Saturday, 16 October 2010

Back in Bali

It seems that today its a good day to write a little bit after being a couple of days in Bali. I'm again in Bali for surfing. I luckily could manage to come once again and squeeze it into my vanishing budget. The big difference to last year is the weather. Last year at the same time it only rained once and now at least heavy rain every second day. As I already have bought a rain poncho it of course never rained when I was on the street.

I'll stay here until the 28th of October before I head home. Right after I arrive at home I have my first week at the MBA at the University of economics in Vienna. I'm very curious about that and it will be a completely new world form that what I now experience.

My days are as usual here: Morning surf, eat, sometimes afternoon surf, eat, drink , chit-chat and go to bed. It was very hard for me to get up that early. Every day between 4 and 5AM!
I now live in an apartment not far from my friends. The cost is very reasonable and that also supports my stay here. The traffic situation got worse from last year as more and more vehicles are on the road. I'm very curious how that will be solved in the future.

Unfortunately I have to finish this short report right now because I have to go surfing. I'll try to do some updates over the next few days.

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