Monday, 25 October 2010

Final days in Bali

Soon its time to leave the island. Just a few nice memories will be left and a the wish to return soon again. A few surf sessions still will be performed and then my plane is taking off on Thursday to cold Europe. In a week I will have the "pleasure" to be at my first MBA-session near Vienna. A week together with "high potentials" and a lot of competition. I am very curious how I will fit in the world of power and money again.

Before I leave I have a few days left and try to enjoy them to the max. My shopping is also almost done and I have a few nice clothes now. Just need to buy a few business shirts and I'm done. Of course I have to buy some interesting things to eat and I already have bought the clove cigarettes. They need to last until I come back so I have plenty of them. Who knows when I can afford such a travel again as almost all of my funds are gone by now. The future will bring a lot of new challenges but I definitely need to get a decent income again.

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