Monday, 7 May 2007


After having some interesting experiences in Casablanca I've decided to travel to Fes. This is one of the oldest cities in Morocco and located in the central northern part. Getting out of Casablanca was not so easy and I decided to take a train. Buying a ticket is easy to get proper information when the train is arriving is almost impossible. Its best just to go there and wait. Almost five hours in the train I arrived in Fes. My main idea was to find a hotel and then have a walk through the city. In the city I have met Omar - a crazy guy and member of a local gang. With him I had a crazy time in several old houses of old Medina. Its too much to explain in detail what happened but the day ended at 5 in the morning in a "disco". I've learned that a "piano bar" is like a western disco and a "disco" is a pricey area with traditional live music.

After arriving in Fes my camera displayed a message with "card error" all pictures are lost - but I have managed to get a new one. After Cyber Hatim the next challenge is to get to Marrakesh. It will be a pretty long travel and I will arrive late at night. So long for now and I try to slow down a little bit.

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echo said...

la la la, ur blog is a trace to find where are u now. great, on the way again.