Sunday, 6 May 2007

First Impressions

I had a rough start on Friday. Because of the renovation of a runway in Frankfurt the plane unable to start for two hours. People started to behave strange and begun to sing and shout through the plane. I am now in Casablanca and writing this blog on a French keyboard - I think they call it clavier ;) Today I strolled through the city and met many crazy people. The most loony one had foam at his mouth and tried too touch my hair by shouting salaam alaikum. I have met also several drug dealers and have seen some of the suburb slums. Tomorrow I plan to take the train to the city Fes at northern Morocco. I hope that my french is good enough to manage everything for the travel. After Fes I might go to Marrakesh.

There is of course much more to write but Internet after midnight is expensive and I will have my next thè at a proper Internet cafè!

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