Thursday, 3 May 2007

Finally getting started!

Inspired by a good friend who also travels a lot I've decided to start my own blog. This should help my friends to keep track of me, where I am and what I do all the time. It happens to me myself when I reflect the last few months that I forget some places where I have been. Distributing photos should also be much easier since I don't have to send them via email.

I always have the feeling that I'm not travelling so much and that I need to go out and see something new in the world. In future I would love to visit much more my friends over the world. Sometimes that is very difficult without proper planning because of visa restrictions. I'll start my blog with a short travel report from last month when I was snowboarding with friends in Obertauern.

Snowboarding in Obertauern (April 07)

This was one of the rare times of the year when I manage to go on a short vacation with friends. We decided on short term to go snowboarding to Obertauern (Salzburg/Austria). It was just a few days ahead of Easter when we received our booking confirmation for a "special" penthouse. Mathias and I had the honour to get the key from the receptionist. She advised us to be careful when we enter the room because of the tiny door and to get drunk before we see the room - And she was right! The room was a crappy emergency room with a low ceiling and everyone has hit his head on the door frame. The worst thing was the price: 40€ per night and person! Next time we will book a place in advance!

Beside the room everything other was great. We had perfect weather conditions (always sun) and just enough snow for snowboarding. In the morning the snow was compressed and hard. Later on it turned to be perfect until noon. At the late afternoon the snow got wet and heavy. But nevertheless it was really nice to be there. We had also a nice time at "Apr├Ęs-Ski". Just the drinks there have been much too sweet and strong for me.

The evenings have also been very nice. It was entertaining for all of us! Stefan and Mathias had fun to talk with new friends and I have enjoyed also the night life. For me it’s a bit strange to see all these "sportive" people at night at the bars to see them hanging out, getting drunk and trying to get laid.

So, that was the first report for a quick start. I have yesterday decided to go to Morocco for a week to do some nice things. I want to see the great history of this country and travel around. At the evening I expect to chill out with a shisha (water pipe) and have something nice to eat.

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