Monday, 17 December 2007

A Few Days In The Mountains...

I'm now sitting in the office and thinking about the wonderful days in the mountains in Salzburg. Hinterglemm was my destination of choice. The pension was just a few meters away from the race track and the owners very nice. Thursday was reserved for snowboarding only. The snow condition was great - powder snow and cold temperatures. Unfortunately the sky was heavily over cased and the sight distance was more than poor. On Friday I've decided to go on the mountains with a professional snowboarder to learn some new tricks. We had great weather with sunshine and we went snowboarding off the slope in the deep snow - it was great and exhausting!

On Friday the snow mobile event started and also "Rave On Snow". I’ve tried to combine these two events with snowboarding in-between and it worked out fine. A very cool location was the summit of the Schattberg with a very nice minimal house set. That was really a nice chill out in the sun with good music. Saturday was the same as Sunday – getting around and trying to get at least a glimpse of all actions.

On Sunday I had again a nice snowboarding session starting from Hinterglemm to Saalbach and back. It was a nice ride on a cold day and very relaxing. After fun in the mountains I’ve chilled a bit in my room before I took the long ride home in bus and train. I also have bought new snowboarding shoes and I want to try them out a couple of times this winter. I look forward for the next session in the snow.