Friday, 28 December 2007

Budapest - The Final Travel For 2007

The end is near! 2007 has been a very busy year. A lot of work and much more travel kept me active. The best that happened to me was to meet very special people over the world and some became very good friends. For me that is much more important then materialistic things. Looking back gets really difficult so, as usual, I look forward to the next year. Definitely I have to visit my friends and I hope some will be able to visit me as well.

Now at the last weekend of 2007 I will travel to Budapest via train and celebrate new year. My last travel in Budapest is incredible 23 years ago and a lot has changed. Communism is history and since a week also the borders between Hungary and Austria. Hungary is now a Shengen member and has to protect the outer EU-border well. It was very difficult to get a hotel room but now everything is arranged. Later I will give a short update of Hungary in 2008.

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