Friday, 26 October 2007

El Panecillo y Centro Histórico

Today I've decided to go sightseeing after Spanish class. The end of my class is usually at 16:30 but it always finishes later. Nevertheless I was out of school around 17:00 and took the Trole bus (electro bus with a dedicated lane) to the historical city center. The center is really beautiful. The government has really put effort in polishing up the city. Many historical buildings are renovated or are in progress. The whole city is well illuminated and there are just a few places where its highly recommended not to go. By incident I have walked around in these areas and it was perfectly safe. From time to time I met some people who were surprised to see a gringo at night walking around.

After walking around in the city I decided to go up a mountain close to the city center. Its called el Panecillo and has on top a statue called "la virgin de Quito". Of course I didn't pay attention to the guides and locals recommending avoiding going up by foot. Going up the stairs was like hell for me! The little hill was at the end 200m high and the top is over 3000m. But after arriving at the top it was great. Feeling dizzy and elevated without drugs ;) I've spent some time at the hill until it was dark. Then I went down to the city center where I've again walked around and had a look at the colonial buildings.

Tomorrow is Friday and weekend is coming up. I didn't yet decide to stay in Quito or make a short trip to the surrounding villages and volcano's - Let's see what comes out!

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