Monday, 22 October 2007

First Impressions

After arriving in Quito I had to look for a place to stay and a Spanish school. Both was quite easy to find and I'm now staying in a simple hostel for two weeks and visit the school around the corner. It's the Crisóbal Colón Spanish school. They have a 1:1 student teacher system and I've already met a teacher. Her English is just a little better as my poor Spanish. So I expect to have a hard time.

The weather here is cloudy and raining and between 9-12°C. After all not so bad for an altitude of 2850m. Tomorrow I will check out the city and see if I can take some interesting pictures.

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Bryan said...

Hi Richard,

I really enjoyed reading your blog. I like particularly your photos in the sidebar. When I was a bit younger ;-), I took Spanish lessons in Quito, too. It was a great time and probably a bit cheaper than nowadays. I'm planning next year to travel again to Ecuador and take 2 weeks Spanish to refresh it and then travel. I didn't have time when I went to Ecuador about 10 years ago. Actually I already booked my lessons with Ailola Quito because they had great reviews. My plan is to visit the Galapagos Islands thereafter. It was out of budget when I traveled 10 years ago as student.